Your Location Sharing made Simple and Easy

Shaloc iPhone AppShaloc iPhone app lets you share your iPhone’s GPS location with your friends in real-time.

Simple and Easy

Here is how it works, Select ‘Share Your Location’ button in Shaloc App and it will create a short URL that can be shared with your friends via text, email or tweet from within the app. This short URL created is a web app that can be opened by your friends to track your real-time location using their smart phone or any computer with browser, no app installation or registration is required by your friend.


The short URL is random, it is hard for people to guess it. Once you stop sharing on your phone, the URL will no longer show your real-time location. You have the option to show your last known location in the URL shared or you can choose to not show anything when the URL is accessed after you have stopped sharing. A new unique URL will be created every time you start sharing, this will make sure that people you have shared previously will not have access to your location next time.

Smart Options

You can set a timer in the app to stop sharing location, this way you don’t have worry about forgetting to stop and draining your battery. The app also has smart setup features which will automatically stop sharing location when your phone’s battery falls below a specified value.

Easy Accessibility

Your friends you share location with do not require to have an iPhone or do not have to download any app, all they need is a computer with browser or a smart phone with browser. The shared URL will automatically open device optimized location tracking web page with a map showing your location. The location tracking web app shows approximate postal address, they can link off to get direction from google maps. The location tracking web app is fully optimized for mobile with HTML5 geo location feature, your friends can find your relative location with their current location.

HTML5 Web App

Why is this App helpful?

You can use Shaloc to share your location when you are driving to meet your friends, this way your friend will know exactly where you are, you don’t have to call/text your friend if you are stuck in traffic.

You can use Shaloc when you are lost trying to find a location and ask your friend to guide you remotely.

How can I get this App?

Go to and signup to get early access and you will be notified when Shaloc launches publicly.

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